This is the Infomation page, giving you everything you need to know. Please comment at the foot of the page if you need any help from our Users with rights.

User Rights Help

We Currently have 2 Users with rights on Football Crazy Wiki.


  • The bullet points indicate spaces available.


  • Liam the Football Lover (Founder, Leader of all User Rights) Active


  • Liam the Football lover
  • StevenGerrard (Editor,Admin) Active
  • Space Available!

Apply: Football Crazy Wiki:Requests for adminship

Editors (Admins and Rollbacks)

  • Liam the Football Lover
  • Under Consideration
  • Advanced Stages of finding a second editor
  • Space Available!

Apply: Football Crazy Wiki:Request for Editor

Editing Pages Help

If you are going to edit a page, leave a message on Liam the Football Lover's or StevenGerrard's page, stating what you would like to do, and you can edit/create that page. When applying for rights, edit's won't matter:activeness will and the messages requesting to edit.